Thursday, September 30, 2010

chapter fifty-one;

I always knew this day would come, we'd be standing one by one, with our future in our hands, so many dreams so many plans. I never thought that I'd walk away. It's so hard to say goodbye. I'll always remember you

I slammed the front door shut and went into my car again. I drove and drove till I found the ocean. I sunk lower into the seat and started sobbing into my hoodie sleeve. I was thrown a crossroad, and I didn't know which road to take. Keep my mothers loyalty and lose the man I love, or marry him and lose my mother forever.

After I sulked for another hour, I turned the car around and went back downtown. The city was painted with the lights and sounds of the olympics. I'd miss how Vancouver looked after the Olympics are over. It was so beautiful.

I picked up a hot chocolate from Starbucks in Granville before I went for a walk along the peir. The winter wind crept up behind my neck and made me shiver. As I reached the end of the pier I saw someone else leaning against it. The closer I got, the closer I noticed it was Sidney.


He turned around and slightly smiled at me. I headed towards the edge of the peir and leaned on it too.

"What brings you out here?" I asked.

"I can't sleep. I'm beyond nervous for tomorrow."

"I know. Brent was really standoffish today. I can't imagine what you're feeling."

"You sound miserable."

"I am." I sighed as his eyes begged me to continue, "My mom, she doesn't like Brent. I guess while I was with you guys earlier, she found my wedding dress."

"Did she get mad?"

"She freaked. She told me to break it off, or she'd practically disown me."

"That's a bit harsh. Can't she see that you love him?"

"You don't know my mom. If she doesn't like something, everyone has to suffer."

"So, what are you going to do?"

I sighed as tears filled my eyes, "I have no idea."

Sidney moved closer to me and slipped his arm around my back. I turned around and buried my head into his chest. The tears were slowly escaping me yet again.

"Ally, I'm sorry. I know I hardly know you, but you deserve to be happy. Everyone does."

I just nodded as he pulled me closer to him. My breathing was becoming calm again and my tears finally stopped, but my heart was aching.

"I'm sorry." I said as I wiped my eyes.

"Don't worry about it. Are you going to be okay for now?"

"I think so." I sighed, "You know I always admired you for your passion of the game, I just never thought one day you'd be a shoulder to cry on."

He gently smirked, "Kinda funny how that works out, eh?"

I nodded as I felt a rumbling in my stomach. I was starving. It was 10 o'clock at night and I hadn't eaten anything except two coffees and one hot chocolate. No wonder my head was pounding.

"Sid. I'm starving, I haven't eaten anything today. Do you wanna join me? If not, it's fine."

"No. I'd love to. Maybe getting out of this fresh air will help me feel sleepy."

We walked back to towards Granville. It was silent, but I think he needed time to think about tomorrow. I just liked the company that he was near. That I wasn't alone right now. I sometimes scare myself when I'm alone.

After walking for another 20 minutes we settled on a small Italian restaurant. The music, the smells, and the warmth made me feel more comfortable. I ordered a mushroom ravioli and a coke to drink and Sid got a vegetarian lasagna and water.

"So, you said you had a girlfriend?"

"Well, kinda. It's complicated."

"I think I can handle it."

"She's my first serious girlfriend I've had since junior. I mean, she's amazing, but she's so hot and cold."

"What do you mean?"

"She has a job in Chicago, out of all places. So she has to go there on weekends, then she comes back to Pittsburgh during the week. But with my schedule sometimes we miss each other if I'm on the road. One week she's all happy then the next she makes it sound like I'm not good enough. She always ends our fights with wanting to just live into Chicago, I just wish I had to the guts to tell her just to stay there cause I'm sick of the shit she bickers about."

"She's crazy. Sid, I'm sorry."

"I've been doing a lot of thinking, since I've been away from my team, and the city, and her. I just think it's time I ended it. I need to finally do it."

I mirrored his sad expression and gently placed my hand over his, "If that's you need to do to get some clarity, than do it. I've been down that road before."

"Oh yeah?"

"I briefly dated Jon, and he let me go. It hurt, but it needed to be done."

He smirked, "I thought you and Jon looked cute together yesterday."

I began to blush. Jon. He wasn't the easiest subject with me. I always felt like a billion butterflies were attacking my stomach and my whole body was shaking when he was around. I had to get rid of that feeling.

Finally our food came and we eat in peace. I was starving and it didn't take me long to polish off my plate. Our eyes locked as I took a much too big gulp of my coke. I had to admit, he had gorgeous eyes. After we finished, he argued with me on who was going to pay. I wanted to cause it was my idea to get food, but he said he would.

As we were getting ready to leave, I saw someone way to familiar sitting on the other side of the restaurant. He sat close to her, his hand was over hers. Her eyes were warm as she smiled up at him. Then I felt like my stomach lurched deeper than it did earlier.

It was Brent.

"I don't fucking believe this." I hissed as I stormed over to the table.


Brent looked like he saw a ghost as he stared at me, "Shit."

"Who the hell are you?" The girl snapped.

"I asked you first, bitch."

"Well, I'm Danica, you?"

"I'm Ally. I'm Brent's fiancee."

"You're engaged?" Danica snapped as she glared at Brent.

"He was engaged." I finally said.

Brent looked up at me as empathy glazed his eyes, he had this look that made me feel like I shattered his world. I couldn't even cry, I was so angry.

"Ally, don't."

"NO! My mother was right about you. Enjoy your fucking life." I yelled so loud that the entire restaurant stared at me. "And enjoy your fucking medal tomorrow. I'm sure Danica will gladly celebrate with you."

"I'm sorry ..."

"I don't care."

With that, I slid the ring over my finger and threw it at him.

"Fine. Run back to Jonny, like you always did."

"At least Jonny never hurt me like you have."

"Fuck. I don't even care you slut."

"Fuck you."

This time. I was done. I was so done.


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