Tuesday, July 20, 2010

chapter thirty-eight ;

Can I wish you away?
Till you find your place in this world it’s so hard to get a feel?
And all you do is wait
But then one little taste;

So caught up it’s hard to know what’s real
until you’ve had all you can take

My nerves were on edge as I sat on the fictional leather table, waiting for the doctor to come in. Today was the day that I got my cast off. My fingers tapped rapidly on the side of the table as he walked in. He greeted me with a warm smile before he took me back into the room to get the cast removed.

It was like I lost half of my body fat. I ran my hand over my leg, it felt smooth. I was eager to get up and walk. The doctor applied cream to my leg and announced I could put my sweatpants back on. I was giddy as he left the room.

The winter wind stung my face as I left the hospital. I saw Brent leaning against his Tahoe. I smirked, he looked beautiful. Actually, he was more beautiful now since we found out this morning he made Team Canada for the Olympics. He turned around and saw me standing there. I felt like I could've flown to him. But, I did the next best thing. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

"You can walk again!"

"I could walk before, mister!" I replied wrapping my legs around his legs. I haven't done that since, well, the summer.

"So does that mean we can ..."

"You would say that." I sarcastically replied rolling my eyes.

"Hey, it's not often your fiancee makes Team Canada."

"I guess we could ..."


He drove home in record time and I couldn't hardly get my coat off before he had me pressed against the wall. I kicked off my boots and he did the same as we ran into his room. The heat of his lips moving with mine was radiating off my skin.

"Show me what you're made of, Mr. Team Canada." I whispered before he kissed me again.

I held his shoulders and shoved him on the bed, and straddling his lap. His electric eyes beamed against the lighting as I glanced down at him. I grabbed a fistful of his hair as he forcefully kissed me yet again. Ah, bliss.

"Ally are you ready?"

I ran my hands down my outfit. A blue sequin dress that was pretty high above my knee. My hair was straight as it could get and my eyes were chalked with dark eye shadow. I grabbed my silver clutch and heels and headed downstairs.

It was new years eve and we were heading to a club to celebrate of course. As we made it in the club, the bright lights bounced off the walls, the music thundered through my chest, it was intoxicating. We found Tazer, Kaner, Sharpie, and Steeger sitting in a booth and we joined them.

"Ally, can ... can I just say something?" I groaned, Sharpie was already hammered.


"You look, very, very fuckable."

"Oh god ..." I swallowed.

"Yeah dude, that cast was such a turn off." Steeger added.

"Uh guys, I'm engaged?" I replied flashing my ring.

They all groaned deeply, and I laughed as Brent brought me over a martini to drink. I took my time drinking it cause I didn't want to get to hammered tonight. I don't think I needed another drama filled night.

After a few drinks, I needed to use the bathroom. As I headed back over to the booth. Only Kaner was sitting there. My eyes were shifting as I tried to find Brent.

"Where is he?"

Kaner took a shot before he answered me, "I don't know, but he's fucking trashed dude."

"Well ... that's just GREAT!" I huffed sitting down.

Kaner dumbly smiled at me, "It's new years, live a little."

"You're drunk."

"You're sexy."

Suddenly Sharpie ran over to us and was trying to hold back his laugh, "Oh Ally, you're not gunna believe this."


"Jon is fucking wasted, like out of his mind. Him and Seabs are dancing together!"

"Are you serious?"

I got up and headed into the crowd. The music was pounding worse in my head as I fished through the crowd. Then I saw them. Sure enough, Sharpie was not lying. My mouth was lying open. I didn't know if I felt cheated or if I wanted to laugh.

Jon has hands gripping into Brent's sides and they were just dancing to the beat. Some hysterical laugh came out of me. It was quite the sight. Kaner came up behind me and asked me to dance. I couldn't say no to him.

He took me by the hand and started to grind with me. I pressed my back to his chest as he gripped into my body. My face was flushed and my body felt weightless. I wasn't sure if it was the drinks or the fact I forgot to put my contacts in. But I swore I saw Jon kiss my fiancee.

"Whoa, hold it." I said stopping the dance.


"Is Jon ... kissing Brent?"

Kaner looked over before he started laughing, "Holy fucking shit they are!"

"OH MY GOD!" I gasped.

"AY SHARPIE AND STEEGS!" Kaner yelled pointing towards Jon and Brent. They both just laughed as my face burned 5000 degrees.

I saw Jon close the cap between him and Brent again and that did it for me. It was no sideshow joke anymore. I stormed over towards Jon and grabbed him off Brent.


"I don't know .. I .. I .." Jon's eyes suddenly glazed over and his skin was starting to lose colour.

"Jon?" My voice sounded started.

Suddenly he fainted and his body was convulsing on the floor. Everything after that was a blur. The music stopped, everyone was watching us. The tears were pouring out of me. I yelled for an ambulance as I slowly held Jon as he rolled into a coma.


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