Sunday, July 11, 2010

chapter thirty-six ;

Just know that in my heart, it beats for you. So leave a little note for me behind. I swear I have to know the reasons why this won't survive. But if you fall back into my life, I'd spend every night waking up to the beat I hear inside, telling me to be your only one. But if you fall back into my life, I promise you I would never let another day just pass us by. I could never leave this world undone. I want to be your only one

My entire body was shaking when I woke up the next morning. I throw the sheet for over my head and look out the window. It was snowing horrendously out. A groan escaped my mouth as I plopped back down onto the bed. Feeling Brent's body heat radiate onto me. Mornings were the worst for me since my accident. I was always cold, my leg was killing me, my head was splitting on top of it all. But with Brent here, it didn't seem so bad.

I closed my eyes for a mere second before I felt his lips brush my face, giving me more shivers. His hand ran up my back, causing my body to grow a couple degrees warmer, not that I was complaining or anything.

"Merry Christmas, baby."

I fluttered my eyes open and looked up at him, "Merry Christmas."

He pressed his mouth to mine, then broke away to trail kisses on my chin, jaw line, and then he sunk his teeth into my neck. I wasn't alive enough for this at - god knows what time it was right now. But, I liked it. Even if I didn't get this cast off for another two weeks. We had to think of other ways to be affectionate. As usual, he was a guy, so I knew he bursting at the seams for us to have some sort of make up sex. Yeah, not gunna happen anytime soon.

"Brent, stop, please." I inaudibly said as his lips were still on my skin.

He pulled away from my neck, letting out a deep sigh. I wasn't sure if it was from his lack of breath or cause I annoyed him. I eagerly stared at him, watching him run his hands through his hair, "I'm sorry. I keep forgetting you're still hurt."

"And it's morning. I'm not the most energetic. Plus, I haven't taken my pills ..."

"Pill popper."

"Shut up!" I gasp pushing him from me.

This caused a mouthful of giggles to come out of both of us. He grabs my wrist, then tenderly pressed his mouth to mine again. Making me melt right into the bed. After another few kisses were stolen, we head into the kitchen and I finally get myself to normal.

"So are we opening our stuff here, or back at Dunc's? I asked as I put away my final medication bottle.

"We're going over there in like 20 minutes, sound good?"

I nodded and headed back into the room to change. I throw on some sweatpants to cover up my cast, and a white v-neck t-shirt with a red hawks zip up hoodie. I placed my hair into a messy bun and applied some bronzer to my vampire toned face and mascara to my tired eyes.

"I look horrible." I say to myself.

"You do not."

I turn around, biting my lip. Brent was sitting on the edge of his bed, looking over at me. I flicked the bathroom light off and we headed back over to Duncan's house. As we get there, Duncan wanted me and Brent to have a photo together. It was his thing since we couldn't be home this year. We stand in front of the tree, everyone is smiling at us and Sharpie is making immature noises with this tongue.

"Really Pat?"

"Sorry, I'll stop. I just want to open up my gifts okay?"

I shake my head as I feel Brent's arm wrap around me. I draw in my breath in order to keep myself together in front of everyone. The last thing I needed was them thinking I was crazy. Well, who am I kidding. I am crazy. He pulls me closer and a huge smile was placed on my mouth. Not even the highest form of surgery could've removed it. As the flash went off, he placed his lips on my cheek and my eyes somehow wondered up to the ceiling. Love. Look what you're doing to me.

"You look like you just rolled outta bed." Sharpie says sitting beside me.

"Do you want your gift or not?"

"Oh my god! YES!"

I pass him a box and he tears it up quicker than what was humanly possible. His eyes widen as he sees the watch placed in a blue velvet box. He rips it outta the box and puts it on. His eyes were goggling over it.


I laugh at him as Taylor sits beside me and passes me a small gift bag. I thank her for it and take the tissue out of the bag. I gasp as two tickets to see Keith Urban were sitting inside.

"Oh my god ..."

"Duncan told me the significance his music has to you and Brent cause of last summer. I know the concert's not till July, but, we wanted to get you something special."

I quickly wiped away the tear that escaped me, "Thank you guys, it means a lot."

"Oh, what'd we get?" Brent added as he sat back down.

"Keith Urban tickets. Remember summer?"

"Till summer comes around. Our song." He whispers.

I nod as he quickly kisses me before I open up some more gifts. I was given a hollister gift card, some bath bombs, another jersey of Brent's, but it was the one they wore at the winter classic, a new iPod touch and random gift cards from places all over Chicago. Brent and I got Duncan a new top of the line TV, and Duncan got Brent, ironically the same thing. It was one of the most enjoyable Christmases I've had in a while.

Then Jon was walks through the door. With Steeger who pretty much bombards me with a hug that causes me to fall back onto the couch. Oh, I should mention that Gabby is still here, buts she's crashing at Jon's place. Actually, she won't even talk to me.

"Hello to you too, buddy."

"I got you something!" He says pulling something out of his hoodie pocket. I take it out of his hands, and it was a receipt for me to pick up yet again, another Seabrook jersey. This time, it was his road one.

"Did you guys plan this or something? What am I going to do with three of his jerseys?

"Wear one while you're doin it" Patrick comments while his mouth is full of food.

I throw a nut at him as Jon walks over to me. His smile is warming, my heart can not keep up with my breathing right now, "Hey, you finally made it."

"I did. Here's your gift." He says passing me a small tiffany's box.

"Jon ... this is nowhere near what I got you ..."

"Doesn't matter, open it."

I open it up and I can feel the tears forming in my eyes. There lied, a small locket attached to a silver chain. I picked it up in my hand and noticed it had the words, "never far behind" engraved inside the heart shaped locket.

"It's a friendship one. Don't worry. I just want you to know I'm here, no matter what."

"Thank you Jon, this is amazing." I said before he pulled me into a hug, driving me completely insane.

"Guys, I have something I want to share," Brent announces.

The room suddenly goes silent and Brent stands up. My entire body begins to shake again. My mouth is dry as I stare at him. I think I know what's coming it next. It was so obvious. Even my body and mind knew what was going on before I actually did. I can't hear anything over my heart pounding in my chest.

"Marry me."


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