Tuesday, November 30, 2010

chapter fifty-nine;

Toronto was beautiful. Way more beautiful then I could remember it was. I breathed in the spring air, even though it was pretty frosty out still.  I hailed a cab out to the hotel I would be staying in. It was right beside the Arena and had a gorgeous view of the lake.

As I got to my hotel room, I got a call from my new boss Ron saying that I had to go to the arena right now. So I put my coat back on and walked down to the arena.

"Ally, there you are."

I turn around and see a man in his early fifties standing in front of me. This must be Ron. We exchanged hello's before he told me that I needed to meet the team. I suddenly grew nervous.

They all stared at me.

I felt like I was 2 feet tall. All of them we're so much bigger than I pictured they would be. Ron explained that I was going to be the new female medic. Some of the guys appeared interested at the thought of it.

"Uhm, yeah, I got this cut I'd like you to look at." Luke Schenn joked. I rolled my eyes and looked over at Ron.

"Well, we have a game against the rangers tomorrow, so go get some rest. All of you."

"Don't you have a game tonight?" I asked.

"It just ended."

"OH!" I replied dumbfounded, "I didn't change the time on my phone yet."

I had to go back into the office with Ron to get some of my supplies I would need for working with the team tomorrow. Typical outfit I even had for working with the hawks - black yoga pants, long sleeve shirt, but this time it was navy blue with a maple leaf on the front of it. I got my medical pouch and my miniature license to keep on me at all times. I was starting to feel at home.

"Okay, goodnight, Ron."

"Goodnight Ally. See you here at 5, sharp."

I nodded and began to walk out of the office with my stuff in my hands. I couldn't remember where I walked in order to get back here. I just followed my gut and walked around this one corner.

Then it hit me.

Actually, someone hit me.

I fell to the floor in a heap. My face was burning up as I tried to get back up onto my feet. Then before I knew it, two big brown eyes were looking at me.  I froze at his baby face.

"I'm so sorry." He flustered as he passed me my phone.

"Don't worry about it." I assured him as I grabbed my stuff and stood up.

"You're Ally, aren't you?"

"Yeah, and you're ... Tyler Bozak aren't you?"

He flushed a bit before looking down at his shoes, "I'm surprised you knew that."

"Pfft. I've been a leaf fan my whole life, so, I knew when someone get's signed."

He smiles at me, making me realize how crooked his smile was, but for some reason, I found it beyond perfect. I was melting at the tips of my shaking fingers.

"This might sound forward, but, if you need someone to show you around the city, me and the guys are pretty familiar with the hot spots."

"No, I'd like that."

"You don't have a boyfriend or anything do you?"

I paused for a minute, thinking of Brent. His words before. Everything we've been through. What he said, about wanting me to free for this month. I shook my head, ignoring every thought I possibly had in that split second. Tyler sent me an eager look, waiting for my response. One little night out couldn't be that harmless, could it?

"No. Not at all."


  1. No Bozo lol Team Seabs right now for me haha Great update

  2. lol im totally open to this new guy and new part of the story, i like it! a new adventure would be fun! loooove it!

  3. I am really thinking Ally is going to love her job a lot more than she originally thought. Sure, Brent may still be on her mind after everything they had gone through, but I believe this job will help her in the long run.

    Well, move over, Brent Seabrook; looks like Tyler Bozak is moving in. I am dying to know what's going to happen between Tyler and Ally now.

    Great update. Can't wait for the next chapter.