Wednesday, November 24, 2010

chapter fifty-six;

After the game, Brent had to get looked at again. Of course, I was given this job. I swallowed my pride and did what I had to do. He followed my finger with his eyes, and he did the same with a small flashlight. His eyes squinted and he put his head down.



"The spinning won't stop."

"Well, that's a good sign that you're actually showing symptoms." I replied as I passed him two more painkillers and a bottle of water.

"So what do I do now?"

"Fly back to Chicago, get checked on."

"I'm not leaving the team." He huffed.

"Sorry, but I'm a doctor and this is an order for you. You can't say no."

He smugly smirked before looking up at me, "You're not a doctor, you're a medic."

"Well, I'm the one with the medical diploma, and whatever I recommend, you have to agree to cause it's for your health."

"You just don't want me on this trip so you don't have to deal with me."

I threw my hands up in anger and turned away from him for a second. He was pissing me off. That was obvious. Sure, I didn't want him on the trip. But, I wasn't gunna send him back to Chicago for that one little reason. I mean, he was concussed. Of course I was doing what was best for him, I cared about him. I'll always care about him. Plus if he didn't get looked at properly, I'd have a lot of angry fans after me.

"Fine. I'll go get Mike and see what he has to say."

"Fine." Brent spat at me.

I just rolled my eyes in disgust and walked out into the hall. I found Mike, he was with Jonny. After they were done talking, I got the full load from Mike. He gave me a shit for coming to him to ask something like this. He said I should've done what my first intention was.

"I'm sorry but Brent is being so stubborn right now."

"Well, he's concussed. You'll fly back with him to Chicago and get him checked out."

"Uh. Me?"

"Someone has to fly back with him."

"Why me?"

"Ally ... it's your job dammit. I'm not running a fucking kindergarten class here."

I sighed, "Fine."

Well, that's just great.

I walked back into the dressing room to see Brent still sitting on the exam table. He didn't have a shirt on and his arms were crossed. I had to swallow the lump in my throat as his hair fell in front of his face. He finally noticed I was in the doorway. I shook away my thoughts and walked up to him.

"I talked to Mike, and he wants you to go back to Chicago tomorrow morning." I sighed, "by the way, you got me in trouble for asking that question. I hope you're happy."

"I didn't want to get you in trouble."

"Whatever. Pack your stuff. We're going home tomorrow."

His eyes widened as he looked at me, "We?"

"Medic watch. I'll make sure I don't sit near you on the plane."

"Well, that's great." He sarcastically replied.

"I hate it just as much as you."

Later the night after everything was all cleaned up, we took a bus up to LA for the kings game that was tomorrow night. It was 2am and I was tired. I just wanted to sleep. I slowly walked up to the elevator and saw Brent standing there, waiting for the elevator.

"Oh. You again."

"Just don't talk to me." I snapped.

I hit the button for the 7th floor and he hits the 9th floor. I place my head on the mirror as it starts to go up, but then a huge jerk jolted the elevator and it got stuck.

You have got to be kidding me.

Brent pulls out his phone and mumbles something about having no service. I check my phone, just my luck, neither do I.


I sat down on the floor of the elevator and Brent did the same. We were both on other sides. I kept my knees close to my chest and fiddled with my nails as I prayed for a miracle. This was beyond awkward.

"Ally ..."


"I talked to Duncan after the 3rd period."

"Congrats, so did I."

"He said you were crying after I got hit."

I froze and dropped my hands to my sides, "Fine. So maybe I was."

"Ally ... do you care about me still?"

"Do you want to me stroke your ego or something?"

"I'm asking an honest question, I'll answer you back."

"Of course I do. I care about you as a person and your well being. I've just been all over the place with my emotions right now, it doesn't mean what you think it means."

"Well, I still care about you, a lot."

"That's nice."

"Ally ..."

"Stop saying my name, please. It's bringing back too much."

"Sorry." I roll my eyes, but his voice makes me freeze yet again, "Ally, if you think I'm gunna hurt you the way I did before, you're wrong. I realize the huge mistake I made. I just want you to be mine forever."

"It's too late for that, and that girl ..."

" ... was a friend from highschool. She got the wrong impression when I asked her out. You can ask my brother, he's known her just as long as I have."

I wasn't sure what I wanted to believe right now. I just wanted to go to sleep. I wanted to lay against his chest, and feel the beat of his heart jumping through his shirt as I closed my eyes. But I knew that couldn't happen. I couldn't be with him again. I'll just be all over the place again.

"How am I supposed to believe you?"

"Because it's the truth."

"Brent, I can't go through that again ..."

"Oh right, you have Jonny."

"I don't. Jon and I agreed it wasn't gunna work with everything that's happened."

"Well then please give me another shot."

I scoffed as his suggestion,  "I can't."

"Ally, I want to give you something real, something you can believe in. Something I never gave you before. I love you."

I could feel tears filling my eyes as I looked at him, "So what am I supposed to do? Fall into your lap, take the ring back and everything is back to normal?"

"No, I wouldn't expect you to do that. I just want just to be on friendship terms for now, and if you don't want to give me another shot. I swear I'll leave you alone."

I was over analyzing everything in my head. Maybe we just needed clean slate. Forget the past. I still loved him with everything I had, but, maybe being friends and possibly making it something more will be a good start.

"I'd like that."

As I say that, the elevator starts moving again. Brent's eyes are shining like diamonds as we make eye contact. A small smile is placed on his face and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. We both got up off the floor at the same time as the elevator got off at my floor.

"I'll phone you tomorrow about our flight. We probably won't be able to get anything until the afternoon."

"Alright, just let me know. Ally, I meant what I said."

"So did I."

"Okay. Goodnight."


I turned my face towards him yet again and I'm met with his electric eyes. His hands find my waist and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. It suddenly flooded my mind with all the good things we used to have. I clasp onto his arms as I want more out of the kiss. I realize what I'm doing as I run my hands through his hair and my body is screaming for air.

"Oh my god."

Brent heavily breathes and I can feel it on my neck as he pushes my hair from my face. My breath is beyond shaky as I watch him touch the side of my face.

"I bet Jonny can't do that." He whispered into my ear.

"No. Not at all." I whimpered.

For another moment, he pulls me into his chest. At this point, he's running his hands through my hair and I can feel an outpour of tears wanting to fall. But I kept them in. I silently hear him whisper something into my ear, making me realize it was our song from last summer.

"The words came out, I kissed your mouth, no 4th of july as never burned so brightly, you had to go, I understand, but you promised you'd be back again. So I'll wonder around this town, until summer comes around."

Brent leans over and gently kisses my forehead, "Goodnight Ally."


I looked up into his eyes and couldn't hold back my smile. I finally let go of him and walked into my room. My head pulled in 5000 different directions. What just happened?


  1. Brent, you are so bipolar!! I have a love/hate relationship with him in this story! Great update, I can't wait for more.

  2. oh my goodness, im so bipolar with this story. im as emotional as her, im team jonathan, im team brent, im jonathan, im brent. And i'm once again jumping on the brent bandwagon, even though i'm sure i jumped off it a few chapters back, im so on it again. i looooooooooove your story so much. its amazing. keep it up!!! i love it!

  3. lol TazerMeKaner, we put our messages up at the same time, bipolar indeed!

  4. Wow, I have been slacking with reading updates, I can see. So sorry I missed this.

    I definitely agree with everyone else; Brent needs to make up his mind on what he wants. Poor Ally seems so confused.

    Great update. I am now going to check out 'Here is Gone' and the next chapter of this.