Sunday, May 30, 2010

chapter seven ;

If all the flowers faded away, and if all the storm clouds decided to stay, then you would find me. Each hour the same. She is tomorrow, and I am today. If right is leaving, I'd rather be wrong. She is sunlight, and the sun is gone ..

I couldn't understand if I felt, angry at Brent, or at myself for being so stupid. I didn't listen to my brother for once, and look what it cost me. Nothing but a tear soaked pillow.

Was I overreacting? I couldn't even tell. I don't think Brent would've taken her back. There was just something about her, she gave me a nasty feeling. But .. what do I know.

There was a knock on my door, then it clicked open. That only meant that it was Duncan. I didn't move from my spot. His footsteps grew louder and heavier as he got closer, then the edge of my bed sunk and his hand was on my leg.

"I'm not here to say I told you so, but, what happened?"

"His ex girlfriend showed up." I muttered.



He sighs, "Ally, let me tell you the story behind her before you get all worked up."

I suddenly grow interested, and looked up at him. "What happened?"

"She's, uh, how do I put this .. an alcoholic whore."

Trying to hold back my laugh, I sat up on my bed and waited for him to continue.

"She seemed nice, she was really good for the first few months. But then we noticed a drop in her weight, her attitude, and everything. Then when we were out of town, Burish had to stay back cause of his knee, and she showed up totally hammered and wanted to sleep with him."

"Whoa." was I could manage to say. "How did Brent find out?"

"Well, Bur told us, then we told Brent. He didn't believe us, until we showed up a club she was at, and it wasn't pretty."

I frowned, "I can see why Brent needed me to leave. She's probably too gone to even realize what happened. Wait, how in the hell did she know he was up here?"

"Steeger and his big mouth."

"Of course" I replied, rolling my eyes. "Who else."

"You know I don't like you being with Brent, but he wouldn't do that to you. She just needs to .."

"Fuck off?" I suggested.

He laughed, "Yeah that too. Look, why don't we hang out tonight? I hear the pier carnival opened today."

"That sounds good, let me change and then we'll go."

He nods and leaves my room. I threw on some ripped jeans cause it was cooling off tonight, and put on a long sleeved burgundy hollister shirt. I smiled. I felt like a weight was lifted from me. It's not like I didn't think she needed help, cause she did. But I know that Brent wouldn't take her back. I think


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  2. Great update!! I am lmao at "She's do I put this? An alcoholic whore"

  3. ooooh, nice. i love this story, great job