Monday, June 14, 2010

chapter seventeen ;

Until all your precious time is wasted. It's been nothing new to me. We still haven't grown accustomed to the sound as they all begin to drown you out, it's all been done before. When your deadlines become my days and nights, I'll take all your favorite lines, as your deadlines take tonight

My head was splitting, I could hardly sit up. My eye lids slit open enough to see my surroundings. I wasn't in my room. i believed Brent was lying beside me. I sighed and rolled over, cuddling into his chest, and kissing him gently.

"Uhm .."

My eyes shot up open, that wasn't Brent's voice. It was Patrick. I jolted away from him as a scream of utter horror came out of both of us. Wiping my mouth and backing away as far as I possibly could get, I stared eagerly at him. What happened last night?

"Oh my fucken .."

"We didn't .. did we?" I asked.

"NO! GOD NO! My pants stayed where they were supposed to."

A sigh of relief came over me. "Good. Do you have any aspirin?"

"I'll go check. You have a lot to explain missy."

Oh god, suddenly most of it was hitting me. Coming back here in a cab, kissing him, twice. Then Mike Green was there? Lord, I hope someone was sober enough to tell me what the hell is going on. Patrick came back into the room and passed me two aspirin and I washed them down with water.

"Wait, before you tell me what happened. Can I go back to my room and shower?"

Patrick laughed, "that might not be a good idea. Shower here, you can borrow my sweats after."

"Uh, okay."

The hot water jolted me a bit and I just stood there for five minutes. Not bothering to wash my hair or anything. I get out, throw my hair into a bun, put on the sweats Patrick left out for me and a hawks shirt. Of course they were massive on me, but I didn't care. As I got out and back into the room, Patrick passed me a coffee and I thanked him before I sat in the bed.

"So, what happened?"

"Well, you admitted you slept with Steeger last year."

"Shit! Are you serious?" I replied as I rubbed my forehead.

"Yeah, Brent was beyond pissed."

I looked down at my hands. Great, I had him and now I lost him yet again. There were no words that could cover up what happened last night. It was like me. Get me drunk and I'll spill all my secrets to you.

"What else?"

"Well, you ran to the bathroom, puked, I brought you back here, and .."

My voice grew scared, "what?"

"You kissed me."

"Oh my god! I'm sorry! It meant nothing! I don't like you like that! It's just, when I'm drunk, I just, get nuts. Please don't tell Brent." I pleaded as tears filled my eyes.

"Relax, I won't." He snickered a little and gave my hand a squeeze.

"So, that's it?"

"Yeah, you passed out after you kissed me." He replied quietly.

"God, Brent is gunna kill me."

"I wouldn't go that far. It's not like you slept with Kris while you were with Brent."

I pondered it for a minute, "I guess. Why are you being nice to me?"

"Cause, I see you as a little sister, that's why I bicker at you so much."

There was that smile of his, it was quite captivating if you asked me. If you weren't leaning against a wall, you may as well say hello to your new friend, the floor. He could sweep anyone off their feet.

I finished up my coffee and thanked him for the talk. I really needed to talk to Brent right now. Despite my massive hangover. I stared at the door for a moment before walking in. Hands shaking, heart racing, skin sweating. To say I was nervous, was an understatement.

I walked into the room, Brent was sitting on the edge of the bed, flicking through the channels. I cleared my throat to get his attention. His eyes were bloodshot, dark circles appeared below, I stood there frozen.

"Can, I talk to you please?"

"Kris, really?!" He snapped.



His angered voice was making my headache worse. "WHAT? DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT EVERY GUY THAT I'VE SLEPT WITH!"

"If he's my fucking teammate then yes! That would be nice to know."

"Like you're any better! I'm sure you've fucked enough girls to start your own country!" I screamed.

It angered him. My words cut right through him. He kept his eyes glued on mine.

"Is that what you do? Use your brother's career as an excuse to get in bed with people?"

Okay, that was out of line, buddy. "NO! Steeger was a mistake! You're the first one I dated. Steeger was the only other one I've slept with. Which was a mistake!"

"I really don't trust you right now."

Tears were forming in my eyes, "Brent, I love you. If I could take back what happened with Kris. I'd do it in a heartbeat. Please believe me"

" .. I have a practice to go to."


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  5. Sorry I didn't comment on this sooner, I loved it.

    Brent has no right to be mad at her for sleeping with someone other than him. It's not like she has a kid with Steeger or anything.