Thursday, June 10, 2010

chapter ten ;

Yup, two posts in the one day. Be thankful.

I feel like a car crash, pull me over to the side of the road; I don't need you, but I hate that you feel like home, if this is what you want to be, than be it without me

I drove home right after, cause I knew if I had the inhibition to drive forever, I would've gone to the farthest tip of this country.

I headed into the kitchen first, my face was tear streaked, my nose was running, my mascara was everywhere, my pony tail was hanging to the side of my head. I looked like a walking disaster.

As I got into the kitchen, I saw an unfamiliar face sitting at the table. It caused me to jump a few steps back. It was Jon. Jonathan Toews to be exact.

"Hi .."

"Wow, are you okay?"

I rose an eye brow at him. "Do I took okay?"

"No." He replied, using his foot to kick out a chair from the table. "Come sit."

Confused as hell, I sat down anyway. It was beyond awkward. He was staring at me, and I could feel his eyes on every inch of my skin. I finally looked over at him, and my heart jumped out of my chest. The contrast of his pale skin, and his dark as night eyes was beyond anything I've ever seen.

"So, what happened?"

"Brent .." was the only thing that escaped my mouth.

Jon's eyes fell onto the table and he sighed. "Ally, I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about. It's me who should be sorry. Sorry for even falling for him in the first place."

"Hey you didn't know what his story was. I just .." He paused and my eyes shot over to him. He wanted to say something else, but he didn't.


"I wish maybe, I could've .. possibly stopped it. Saved you all this trouble and hurt." He bit his lip, god he was so awkward, it was adorable.

"It's fine, Jon, you didn't know. Look, I'm gunna go shower. I'll see you later." I got up from the chair and looked down at him. "Thanks for the talk .. I think."

He smirked, and I almost collapsed in that second. I shook it off and headed upstairs. I showered, got out, and blow-dried and curled my hair. I applied mascara to my eyes and bronzer to my cheeks. I grabbed my white sundress from my closet and put it on.

"Oh, you're still here."

Jon looked up from the couch and smiled. He patted the spot beside him. I took the seat beside him, the trace of his cologne found its way over to me. He was sitting dangerously close to me. I was about 5 seconds from dying, I was certain of it.

"Ally, can I ask you something? Well, actually, tell you something?" He stuttered.


"Do you remember when you came down to Chicago for Christmas last year?"

I smiled, thinking back to when I showed up to the arena and someone hid all of Jon's gear. "Of course I do, why?"

"I kinda, had a small crush on you."

"You're admitting this now?" I accidently snapped getting off the couch. I headed towards the window, resting my hands on the sill. The sky was growing into a bright purple and pink blanket in the distance. "Jon, this is too soon. I mean, with everything Brent just did to me."

I felt his breath on my neck, and my skin grew a couple degree's warmer. "I'm not asking you to marry me. I just wanted to tell you how I felt. Why do you think I stuck around this summer?"

I turned on my heal and glanced up at him. I crossed my arms, and huffed deeply. He was actually being difficult without even realizing it. "I don't know, Jon .."

"Just, give me one shot. I'll take you out right now if you want."

"Did my brother set this up? Cause he hates me with .. him." I couldn't even say Brent's name anymore. It was too painful.

"No, he doesn't even know I'm here." Jon smirked.

"Jon, maybe, we're better off being friends. It's just, I'm so torn over this whole situation and -- "

My back was pinned against the wall, and his lips were over mine. I couldn't push him off. My mind was not reacting right now. His finger tip brushed my leg, and it shot me into reality. I peeled him away from my lips. He remained persistent and pressed his forehead to mine, wrapping his hand around my back, pressing my body onto his. It took me at least 5 minutes to get my heart back to normal. What just happened?

"Well, what do you say?"

"I think ... we should go swimming."