Monday, June 14, 2010

chapter sixteen;

It's the right night to make the wrong moves, gotta bad case and nothing to lose when the lights out we have an excuse, is this romance or is it the juice? I might be crazy but I think tonight has only begun. You're not my normal type but we can make an exception. Hey DJ spin the soundtrack to bad decisions, and these drinks, make me, lose my self control. A little less thinking and a lot more drinking, that'll work for me tonight. When the room starts spinnin' and we start sinning, I begin to realize, you look better when I'm drunk

I've been with Brent for two full days now, and it's been good. We haven't really left the room that much if you catch my drift. But, neither of us seemed to mind.

I sat on the bed as Brent came through the door. He was at a practice for the team. He kissed me quickly before going back towards the bathroom.

"Hey! We're going to a bar tonight. Go get ready!" Brent yelled before he slammed the door, and the shower was heard seconds later.

I threw my magazine on the bed, and headed over to my bag. I settled on a black strapless dress that was really short, and some red heels to go with it. I threw the clothes on as Brent came out the bathroom.

"Good lord."

I turned around and smirked. "you like?"

"Like? I love it."

I laughed as he threw on some jeans and a black blouse. His colonge hit me, causing my skin to break out into a sweat. I was in for a good night.

We got to the bar and a few guys from the camp were there too. Of course Dunc, Patrick and Jon were already there, drinks in hand. But I saw all the Staal boys, Mike Green, Shea Weber, Marc Andre Fleury and others there too. This was gunna be good.

Shots, shots, shots. That's all we took that night. Mixed drinks, more lights glowing, and more skin showing. It was insane, and I was totally gone with it. Drunk was an understatement.

My mind was going crazy. Like some wind up toy just went off. I was trying to get Brent's attention but he was ignoring my drunk ass.


Brent somewhat rolls his eyes before replies, "what?"

"I totally, totally, totally slept with Steeger last year. It was fucking glorious. He's really, really good between the sheets. Wow, glad I got that off my chest." I slurred pretending to wipe sweat from my forehead.

At this point I'm giggling like an idiot, and everyone stares at me. Some obnoxious snort comes from my mouth as Brent looks about 5000 different kinds of angry at me. I felt clammy and stood up from the table.

"I'm ... Uh ... It appears I'm going to puke."

I run towards the bathroom and lurch whatever was in my stomach into the toilet. I felt someone grab my hair as I wiped my mouth and searched my clutch for gum.

"We need to get her back to the hotel. Now."

"PATRICK! YOU CAN'T BE IN HERE!" I yelled gripping onto his collar. Thank god I popped a piece of gum into my mouth, "This is for ladies!" I added as I saw my brother and Mike Green standing behind him.

"Fuck me, let's get her out of here" Pat sighed swooping me up into his arms and past Mike and Dunc.

"Mike, you have a nice ass"

"Ally!" Patrick gasped.

"What? Just pointing out the obvious, and the mohawk is very sexual. ME-OW!"

"Oh sweet merciful god." Duncan groaned.

"I'd soooooooooo tap him."

"Christ does anyone have duct tape? Enough out of you!" Patrick snaps giving my ass a smack.

"OOH! Patrick likes it rough! I approve."

Then the warm air hits my body like a surge of energy. Patrick puts me into the cab but I grab onto him.

"No! Don't leave me!"

He sighs and gets in the cab with me. I snuggle up to his chest as he looks out the window.

"You're comfy. Kinda like a gummy bear or something. I shall call you squishy, and you shall be mine, and you shall be my squishy!"

"Oh god help me." Patrick pleads smacking his head on the window.

"Sir, please don't do that." the cab driver says.

"Yeah Patrick! GOD!"

"Ally just, please be quiet."

"Wow you bitch more than Duncan does." I muttered.

"Well look what he has to deal with!"

"You like it, don't lie"

"Yes, your bitching is so turning me on! I can't keep my hands off you." Patrick sarcastically replied.

"Knew it"

The cab ride felt like forever but we made it back to the hotel. Patrick got out first then pulled me against his side. Of course I was laughing again.

"Yeah that's right bitches! I'm gunna fuck him tonight!" I yelled at three girls who were drooling at his very presense.

"NOT TRUE!" Pat yelled. "She is taken! And I am just the babysitter, wait what's a lower version of a babysitter?"

The lobby began to spin and I shielded my eyes to stop the movement. "Patrick shut the fuck up, you cock head and get me into my room!"

"Cock head? Good one!"

"Fine, tit licker."

Patrick chuckled, "I can own up to that one."


Patrick took me into his hotel room cause he didn't have a key for mine. I plunked down on the bed as he removed my heels for me. I didn't care. I went to grab him but he moved away.

"Thats not a good idea." he said.

"And why not!" I gasped.

"Cause you have Brent, and I don't do that to my teammates."

"Fuck them, they won't find out."

"I'm sorry. Ally, I won't. I don't take advantage of drunk girls."

"You don't find me pretty is that? Or am I too fat for your liking?" I cried this time.

"NO! That's not what I meant! I think you're beautiful and your body is perfect."

"But not up to your liking?" I pouted as I sniffed back my tears.

"Nu-uh. You're very up to my liking." he sighs, "actually more than I'd ever want, but ..."

"OOH! Patrick Sharp likes me!"

"Very cute, Ally. Really."

"You want to love me, you want to kiss me, you think I'm gorgeous." I swooned as I got up and danced towards him.

"Okay. Shuttup." he says as his face grows 5 shades of red.

I sit down at the desk in his room and slam my fist down like I'm some judge. "Alright here's the deal Sharp! Kiss me and I'll leave alone."


"You heard me."

I got up and walked over to him. My body was pressed right up against him. Cupping his face, I pulled him into one of the messiest kisses I've ever given. He didn't seem to mind, he deepened it.

I pulled away from him. Totally happy with myself. His bed was going to be my best friend now. I plunked down on it and after that I blacked out.



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