Saturday, June 12, 2010

chapter thirteen ;

thanks for the 5 comments guys, it means a lot. This chapter is longer than I wanted it to be, I but I had a lot to fit in. Enjoy and please comment :)

You're the direction I follow to get home, when I feel like I can't go on, you tell me to go, and it's like I can't feel a thing without you around. Don't mind me if I get weak in the knees cause you have that affect on me .. you do. Everything you say, every time we kiss I can't think straight, but I'm ok. I can't think of anybody else who I hate to miss, as much as I hate missing you, So please give me your hands, so please just take my hand.

The next morning when I woke up, I could hear the rain falling down outside. I sighed, the one day I didn't have to work this week, it pours. I went to crawl out of bed, but I felt a hand wrapped around me, looking down, I sighed, Jon was still here.

I showered to get the smell of the lake out of my hair from last night. I blow dried my hair and threw it into a messy bun, I was in no mood to make it look pretty today. I left the bathroom just wrapped up in a towel and headed back into my room, hoping to not wake Jon up. Settling on some black yoga pants and a hawks t-shirt, I put the clothes on and headed downstairs.

"I don't want you seeing her!"

Dunc's angered voice filled the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks on the stairs and waited for him to continue. There was only one person he could be talking to anyways with a tone like that.

"And why not?" My heart skipped when I heard Brent's voice.

"Did you see the mess she was in yesterday? What's gunna happen when we leave? Trust me, she's my sister. When she mopes, it's down right frustrating. I don't want that to happen."

I heard Brent let out a long sigh, then I pictured him running his hands through his hair like he always did when he was fustrated. "I'd never do anything to hurt her, I care for her."

"Then why did you go behind her back with Elle?"

"Cause Elle didn't want anyone to know. I was just helping her. I didn't fuck around with her. I wasn't expecting it to blow up like this."

This time, Duncan sighed. "I don't know. I think Jon's better for her."

"Stop controlling who she can and can't date. She's told me how you try to be a second father to her. She's old enough to decide who she wants." Brent bitterly replied. "She needs to learn to make her own mistakes, learn her own lessons. But I won't be a mistake. I promise."

"But what's gunna happen when you're gone for 10 months at a time?"

"I don't want to think that far into the future okay? I want this month to go by as slow as possible. I need to spend every second with her."

"That's if she forgives you." Duncan huffed. I wanted to walk into the room at the moment and smack him. I was going to forgive Brent in time. Just not today.

"Well, if she doesn't, she'll have Jon. Just like you want her to have."

"I just want what's best for her. Jon's her age, I just think she'd be better off with him."

"Well, what if she doesn't want him?" Brent snapped.

"She was getting pretty comfy with him last night."

I couldn't hear what Brent said but, I then felt a rumble and I shot right into the kitchen. They were fighting. Brent had my brother pinned against the wall as he tried to breathe.

"Guy's stop it!" I screamed pulling Brent off my brother by his arm. They still wouldn't stop glaring at each other. "Enough already. This is damaging your friendship too."

"Well, who is it, Ally? Who do you want?" Brent asked me, his eyes were piercing me.

"I'm not deciding right now." I stammered.

I walked right by the both of them and went outside. It was still pouring but our porch was dry as could be. I plunked down onto a chair and began to cry. I couldn't hold it any longer. Everything about this was hurting me. I should've just ignored Brent when he came around, and I should've never kissed Jon.

The door opened and I heard footsteps come towards me. I kept my eyes on my hands. I realized it was my brother as he sat down across from me at the porch table.

"Ally .."

I cut him off. "Maybe I am better off with Jon."

"Maybe not. I just want you to be happy."

"I was happy until Brent broke my heart." I replied before a few more cold tears hit my face. Then I saw Brent walk onto the porch. His eyes met me and he looked completely miserable. He heard what I said. Perfect. I just sighed and looked away from him as he got into his car.

"One month, that's all you have until he's gone. You better decide fast before one of them moves on."

Later on that night I was sitting in front of the TV, like I was doing all day. The rain made everything so uneventful. I was set on an old episode of Friends I've seen a million times. My knees were pressed against my chest and I bit my thumb nail, deep in thought. Jon. Brent. Jon. Jon .. no .. Brent. Jon. Jon. Fuck, I don't know anymore. Maybe if I dated Steeger he'd keep his mouth shut. HA. Cool joke.

I texted both Brent and Jon to come over tonight so we could settle this. They both agreed and Jon also added that Patrick Sharp was coming over. Ah, this ought to be good.

"So, you've done seabs and tazer? Impressive." Patrick said nudging me.

"I never slept with either of em." Pat shot me a look like he wasn't convinced. "This shit is serious Patrick. I don't know what to do."

"Well, you'll figure it out. I'll be here when they go off to the Team Canada camp, oh wait, I'll be there too!" He sarcastically replied.

"Arrogant much?" I laughed walking away from him.

I headed into the kitchen and both Jon and Brent were sitting down. Gina came over for support and sat beside me as I thought of what to say. My heart was racing a mile a minute and my hands were shaking. I sat on them to stop the pulse going through me.

"Look, I like both of you, but .. I clearly need to decide." I stuttered this wasn't going the way I planned. "I just think that I need a lot more time to think. Which is why I'm going back to Toronto with Steph for the rest of the month."

"WHAT!" Gina, Brent, Jon, Patrick and Duncan said at the same time.

"You heard me right. I can breathe out there, spend some time with Steph, I haven't seen her much this summer with work. I leave tomorrow morning."

"Ally, I don't get this, why didn't you say anything?" Duncan asked.

"Cause, it just happened today." I shrugged. "I'll be back when you guys get back from the Camp. I'll have a decision by then okay?"

"If this is what you want, then I'm fine with it." Jon said. I looked over at him and smiled, he was understanding this. That's a good sign.

"Oh cut the kissing up to her bullshit." Brent snapped.

"What are ya gunna do about it? Sit on me, fatty?"

"Oh fuck off you goof-tit."

"STOP IT!" I yelled. "But, you both understand, right?" They nodded. "Good, well, I'm going to bed, I have an early flight tomorrow."

I woke up the next morning, packed, had breakfast about 4 hours before my flight. I was antsy. I wanted to go so bad. I wore a black high waisted skirt and a red tank top with it. My hair was straight as could be, and my lips were painted with bright red lipstick.

I paced my living room to let the hours go by faster. The knock on the door caught me off guard, and I ran over to answer it. It was Jon. He noticed the aggravated look on my face. He used his hand to intimate like he's waving a white flag. I smirked and let him in.


"Hey, I just wanted to say goodbye before you left."

"Well, you said it, so .. just go." I muttered.

"Ally, don't do this .."

"Jon, I have to. I need to be away from both of you."

"To see who you miss more."

He caught me off guard. "What?"

"I get it. Stay away from both of us. See who you miss more. It's the only way you'll figure it out."

He got closer, gripped my chin and pressed my mouth to his softly. "Goodbye, Ally."

I looked into his eyes for the last time. I was going to miss him. "Good bye, Jon."

I scrambled to find my phone as soon as Jon left. I needed to text Brent now. I had an empty text window open for 5 minutes before I texted the only think I could think of.

"We found our lives have been changed, babe, you lost me."


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