Friday, June 18, 2010

chapter twenty-two ;

If time was still the sun would never, never find us. We could light up the sky tonight, I could see the world through your eyes, and leave it all behind. If it's you for me forever, if it's you and me right now, that'd be alright. We'll chase the stars to lose our shadow. Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine ..

When I woke up the next morning, a feeling washed over me. It was the feeling of actually wanting to get out of bed. Jon's arm was snaked around my stomach, causing my heart to go a flutter for a moment. Since he was still sleeping, I decided to have a shower.

"Where you going?"

I smirked and kissed his cheek. "I'm just going to shower, I'm not going anywhere."

He didn't respond, his eyes were shut and he was asleep again. I crawled out of the bed, grabbed my weekend bag and went into the bathroom. The surging water heated up my frozen skin. It was only November and it was bitter outside. I washed my hair, face, body and shaved my legs in 15 minutes flat. Reaching inside of my bag, I pulled out my flat iron and blowdryer and did my usual wavy deal with my hair. I slid on some black leggings, black cami and a purple plaid blouse and stuffed my feet into a pair of black leather boots. I was ready in 45 minutes. Not bad.

As I walked into the room, Jon was sitting up in bed. The sheet just fell below his belly button, cause me to swallow the huge lump in my throat. Why was I finding him so appealing now?

"Wow, you look beautiful."

I smile before I sit back on the bed, bringing my knees up to my chest. "Thanks. I'm going out for breakfast with Dunc."

"Well good, you probably need to catch up."

"I just feel like something's wrong. He was apologizing over and over for what Brent did."

He cupped the side of my face, "I doubt it. Don't worry, Ally, he's your brother."

"Did you try and stop Brent from dating ... whoever it is."

His hand dropped and he sighed, "We did try, but, he's not the brightest person in the world. So we gave up. We knew this wasn't going to be easy to tell you."

I looked at my boots and sighed this time, "Well, he's moved on, so I might as well."

"What does this mean for us?" He asks.

"Uhm, well, I really like you Jon, I do. We need to take our time with this."

There was that awkward smile of his, "So is this official or ...?"

"Yes, it is. You've stayed with me when the rest of the world walked out."

At this point were both smiling like little kids before he presses his lips to mine. My hand runs up his neck as his hand rode up my leg. My skin was tingling all over the place. I felt happy.

Around 10-ish I walked into the hotel restaurant and saw Dunc already sitting down, but Sharpie was with him. I shook it off and covered my brothers eyes.

"Guess who?"





I huffed and sat down, Patrick and I were back to our old selves. I settled on a ham and spinach omelette with toast and orange juice to drink. I actually felt like eating. My hunger has been non existent lately.

"So, is there a reason you're here Patrick?"

"Well, I was hungry so I joined your brother."

"You invited yourself didn't you?"

"Of course he did." Dunc replied as our drinks come.

"You know you're lucky I don't spike your orange juice!" Patrick bickers.

"You're lucky I don't stab you in the face."

"Yeah well ... you kissed me!"

"PSH! You didn't stop me, Mr. fish lips!"

"Fuck you, you enjoyed it."

"I'd rather make out with Ovechkin!"


We both look over at my brother and apologize that the same time.

"I totally jinxed you" Patrick muttered.

"I spoke first, dweeb"

"Yeah well, you screwed Seabrook. That's a pretty embarrassing thing to admit."

"At least he didn't have a lazy eye like Julie does."


Patrick and I looked over at each other and laughed. I was starting to feel like myself again. We talked about my future in Chicago, cause I was moving there after the Olmypics. I was really excited for everything. What would come of me and Jon, what would come of my career, hell, my friendship with Patrick was something to look forward too.


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