Monday, June 21, 2010

chapter twenty-seven ;

I'm flying down the fast lane. Doing 95, 90 things on my brain. Dunno where the hell I'm going, but I'm going after you. I'm jumping on the last train. Got this crazy kinda feeling that I can't explain. Don't know where the hell I'm going, but I'm going after you. Would you give me one more minute? The story's far from finished. We could fill in all the pages. I'm feeling sick, your so contagious. Just wanna say I miss you, I caught it when I kissed you, and I've been through all the stages. I'm feeling sick, your so contagious


I looked up at Jon. My heart was racing. He had this look of either shock or relief on his face. Eh, I was leading towards the shock effect. I stand up and make my way towards him. He immediately reaches out and pulls me close to his chest.

"Jon, I'm so sorry."

His eyes narrow on me, almost looking confused. "What? Why are you sorry?"

"For not telling you the truth on the phone."

"No, I'm sorry. I just grew disappointed cause --"

"No" I cut in. "Gabby told me why. Don't worry about it."

"So," he says licking his lips, "something you want to say to me?"

I roll my eyes, "I love you."

"I didn't hear you .."

"I love you Jonathan Toews!" I said a little louder this time.

A huge smile is placed on his face, "That's better."

I smirk before he takes my mouth into a kiss. His hands run up my shoulders, sliding my zip up hoodie off me. Our lips don't part. As we pull apart, his forehead gently presses into mine as I try to get my breath back to normal. It's not even possible right now.

He kisses me again, and my legs wrap around his waist. He proceeds to take me back into his room, keeping a tight lock on my body so I don't fall. I plant kisses on his face before returning to his mouth. My entire body was shaking in the best way possible at this point. My head gently lands onto one of the pillows, and Jon's over me, kissing my neck and gripping the hem of my shirt. I sit up as he removes it for me, and I glide his shirt above his head. This was so surreal to me. I felt like I was in a dream.

I stop and sigh, "Jon, are we making a mistake?"

"Not at all" He replies, nuzzling his nose against mine.

"I don't want everyone to think I'm some whore ..."

"You're not, Ally. Steeger was a mistake, and Brent pretty much had you under some spell. You need to focus on what we have. You mean everything to me."

"You mean everything to me to, Jon. I can't lose you." I said as my voice begins to shake.

"You won't."

His lips were over mine again, sending me into overdrive. This felt different for some reason. He was gentle with me and treated me like he actually loved me. He wasn't just having sex with me, he was making love to me. Oh god Ally, quit sounding like some romance novel for once ..

The rain was falling outside, hitting the window like a million little diamonds. The Chicago skyline was lit up perfectly and different strokes of light fell against the walls. I was wrapped up inside of Jon's arms, my head pressed against his chest. My eyes were shut as he slowly ran this fingers through my wild head of hair.

"So, Brent knows everything." Jon said breaking the silence.

"I figured he would," I deeply sigh.

"I also kicked his ass today."

This time, I find myself laughing, "Good job, baby."

"He deserved it, to say the least."

I look up into his eyes, "What's it gunna be like tomorrow? When he sees us together?"

Jon pulls me tighter against his body and presses his lips onto my forehead, "I'd just ignore him, he's like a kid in that way. Ignore him and he'll get the hint."

"I sure hope so."


  1. Uh oh!! I smell drama brewing here!! Brent is going to cause trouble!! Great update

  2. Jonathan Toews.
    This chapter.

  3. aww, i hope its all okay. brent can get over it. im team jonathan now! love!!!!