Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chapter twenty-eight ;

"You told me 32 ways to make you smile
i did 31 within the first hour"

My ears are filled with the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar, and a deep raspy voice. I lifted my head off the pillow and my heart skipped. Jon was sitting on a chair beside the bed, with a black acoustic guitar in his hand, with a Beatles sticker on it. His hair was all over the place, he was wearing sweatpants and no shirt. I cupped my mouth to hold back my smile.

"You stood amazed in your delighted shoes
bewildered but willing, you didn't know what to do
so I grabbed your cold hand,
pressed it to my beating heart and said
isn't it neat, how our bodies tick?"

At this point, I'm almost giggling. I sit up in the bed and just watched him sing. First off, I didn't know he could sing. Second of all, he can play guitar? Oh Jon, you have reached a new time high in my books.

"Yeah, that's all I got." He smirks, nervously biting his lip.

"Jon ... did you write that?"
(FYI - this song is by a group called Backseat Goodbye, I didn't write this)

"Yeah. Can you tell I have too much time on my hands?"

"No, it's perfect." I reply.

His face turns a few shades of red and he places the guitar on the floor. I keep my eyes on him as he crawls over the bed and gently caresses my mouth. My hands find their normal spot on his neck as the kiss deepens. He pulls away and finds the weak spot on my neck, causing me to deeply moan. What a way to wake up if you ask me.

Later on that night, I was at the hawks game. I was wearing one of Jon's player T-shirts, torn and bleach distressed jeans with a pair of grey uggs. Suddenly, a tall blonde girl sits by me. We don't say much, of course. I didn't know who she was.

The game was beyond what I was expecting. I had seen games at the UC before, but this was insane. I was also sitting beside Taylor, Dunc's girlfriend of 8 years. We got up and danced like idiots when Chelsea Dagger came on for the 5th time that night, giving the hawks a 5-2 lead over Nashville. Patrick sharp netted two goals, Hossa added one, Kaner got one two, and thanks to Ladd, we had a bigger cushion.

"That was such a good game!" I yell as we stand up after the boys saluted the crowd.

"For sure, Helen, are coming down with us?"

"Helen?" I reply, dumbfounded, looking at the blonde.

"Oh yeah, Ally, this Helen." Taylor adds.

Helen smiles, but I notice how horrible her make up is applied. Did she get dressed in the dark? "Brent's girlfriend, and you are?"

At this point, rage is boiling through me. This was her. The one that took Brent from me. It took everything I had not to punch her out right now.

"Ally, Tazer's girlfriend."

She blows a bubble with her gum and pops it inches from my face. "Oh, you're the one that fucked Steeger and ruined what you and Brent had? Good one."

Oh, it's on now bitch.

My fists began to shake and I tackled her to the ground. She's screaming, and catching the looks of fellow hawks fans. I don't care. My eyes were glued to her, like my anger was making me it's robot. I clench my fist and give her a hard blow to to her nose. She starts calling me a slut and begging for someone to help her. Whereas Taylor was behind me, on the phone with Gina, yelling, "ALLY IS KICKING HELEN'S ASS RIGHT NOW"



"I LOVED HIM!" I shriek so loud, I heard my voice strain.



I punch her numerous times, as she digs her nails into my arm. It makes me scream and a little bit of blood falls down my arm. She manages to get her arm free and rip my nose ring out. My eyes are welling with tears, my nose felt like it was being stabbed.

That was the final straw. It was a huge blur, this wasn't like me. I grab a fist-full of her hair and slam her head against the floor. I was lucky I didn't knock her out. Really lucky actually.

Then two arms grab me off her. Right before she was out of my reach, I see the gum she spat out, and snatching it up and pressing it right into her hair. I kick and scream to get of the guards grip. Only to see it was Ben Eager who pulled me away from her.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" I scream.

He lets me go and I touch my nose. I'm bleeding. Great. My heart rate wouldn't go down. I can't believe I just did that. I kicked Brent Seabrook, my ex boyfriend's, new girlfriend's ass. To be honest, I felt fucking spectacular.

"DUDE! You totally kicked her ass!" Eager exclaims, locking me into a hug and nuzzling my head.

"I did, didn't I?"

Suddenly, my laughs are put to a hault. Cause standing in front of me, was a very, very angry Brent Seabrook.



  1. twinnay, i fucken love you
    the end

  2. oh this aint gonna go well with brent thats for sure.

    kudos for kicking the shit out of the bitch

  3. Oh fuck why must you leave it like this!!! More! More! More!! I loved it and I can't wait for more! Bitch got what she deserved

  4. Oh wow! She kicked some ass! More please!

  5. uh-oh! haha i'd feel pretty good too though. but still... uh-oh! love it, great job