Sunday, June 20, 2010

chapter twenty-five ;

Cause baby now I realize that I was wrong, when I said I didn't need you. I miss you bad so now. I'm comin' home, so you better leave the light on. This feels like a permanent December. So much colder than I can remember. When I get you back, this time I swear that I won't ever let you go

I woke up with a brutal hangover, no surprise. I get up and head into the kitchen, nod at Steph before I take two aspirin and wash them down. She passes me a mug of coffee the smell slightly wakes me up. I needed a big mac and my bed for the rest of the day.

I pulled out my iPhone and started scrolling through my text messages. I paused at the ones I sent Jonny last night. Shit, I told him I loved him. Canadian Bacon? Wow, Ally. You've totally outdone yourself this time. Good job.

"God dammit!" I said hitting the back of my head against the wall.


"I told Jon I loved him last night."

"But, you do love him right?" He asked.

I sit down at the island with her. "I mean yeah, but .. I didn't want him to find out. Not like this anyways,"

She frowns at me as I shake my head. I really should phone him back. I finish up my coffee as I walk into the living room. His number shows up on my screen, I'm too scared to hit the talk button. Steph sends me this look to get it over with. With a shaky hand, I touch the screen and it begins to ring.


"Johnny. It's me."

"Ally ..."

"I'm sorry about last night."

"It's fine. I know what you're like when you're drunk." He snickers, it makes me feel a little better about the situation.

"Jon, I'm serious ..."

"So, the million dollar question is, Ally. Do you love me or no?"

I let out a shaky breath, trying to figure out of it was the truth or not. I wasn't sure right now.

"Ally, do you?"

"Jon, it's still soon ..."

"So you don't?"

"That's not what I said!" I scolded back.

"I gotta go."

"Jon, don't ..."

With that, the phone disconnected. My head fell into my hands as an outpour of tears come out. What was he doing? I cared about him, a lot. But, it's only been two weeks since we made it official. Steph came and sat beside me, squeezing my right knee.

"Ally, are you ok?"

"I really need to stop drinking." I reply.

She laughs, "you don't need to stop, you just need to .... not drink so much."

"Well, what can I do, Steph? I got drunk, and slept with Steeger, and told Brent, then I kissed sharpie, and now Jon won't talk to me."

"That's not it, actually."

We look up and see Gabby leaning against the wall clutching her Droid. "He's disappointed, cause he was really happy when he got that text."


"Yeah, he just texted me. He actually saved it."

I think I was ready to put my idea into action. "I'm gunna go see him on winter break,"

"You need to. He really hates being away from you."

Steph nod's in agreement, "Just go, Ally. You guys need like, two weeks together to sort this all out."

I nod as some butterflies hit my stomach. In two weeks, Jonathan Toews would be in my arms again. If I'm forgiven.


  1. Damn straight I be texting Jonathan toews. ;)
    I cannot even express how much I love this story!
    I'm thinking you should update again tonight?
    Mhhhmm, can't get enough of thiisss!<3

  2. aww he'll forgive her! its jonny toews! lol hahaa love your story

  3. I hope Jonny forgives her. I love your story and I always read them everyday. Thanks for the great updates!