Monday, June 28, 2010

chapter thirty ;

I can pretend that I dont see you, I can pretend I dont wanna hold you when you're around, but we know if I looked in your eyes, I'd break down. If I could, for just one night, to be with you, to make it right. You won't have to wonder what we are, cause you wont have to look to far. It's in the scars, Its hidden in the scars. If I told you that I love you, but I'm doing alright without you it'd be a lie, But I could try ...

I paced the living room for what felt like ages. Biting at my nails, then the skin around them. I was probably making a groove in the floor by now. I heard a knock on the door, I flew over to it, and an unexpected guest was on the other side.

"Gabby? What the fuck?"

"Uhm yeah, my mom kicked me out, and my dad had a billion flyer miles he needed to get rid of, and Dunc said you were here, so ..."

"Your Mom kicked you out?"

"She hates Jordan."


"Tell me about it." She sighs.

"So, do you still want to kill Brent?"

Her eyes widen, "YES, IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?"

"Kay, Jon's at his house. I'll tell you everything when we get there."

I grabbed keys to Jon's Jetta as we both run down to the parking lot. I could feel Gabby's rage boil up the closer we got to Brent's house. To be honest, I can't imagine what's gunna happen when we get over there. We get out and head up towards Brent's place. I only knew where it was thanks to Sharpie. It was shockingly quiet for a confrontation.

"Should we knock?"

Gabby twisted the lock and the door flew open.

"Dammit, Gabby!" I yell. This was typical, she just ran with the wind.

We both walk in and see Brent and Jon sitting in the kitchen. Brent had an ice pack on his lip and Jon had one in his eye. Well, we missed the fight. Gabby clenched her fists and stormed into the kitchen.

"YOU!" She screamed at Brent.

"Do I know you?"

"No, but you will by the time I'm done here!"

"Well, I'd like it if you got the fuck out of my house."

"I'd like it if you grew the fuck up!" She snapped back. "Listen Seabrook. Don't think that you'll get away with hurting my best friend like this. You sir, are a fucken dumbass."

He laughed, "Good to know. I've heard that one before."

"I'm not done with you yet! Another thing. You are so lucky I wasn't down here earlier, or your balls would've been attached to some tree, high up. HA, WOULDN'T YOUR WHORE LIKE YOU THEN, EH?"


We both look over and see Jon hysterically laughing. I bite back my laugh but it's so hard. Helen was a whore.

"I'm sorry, but she got you good." Brent glares at him and he raises his hands in defense. "I think I'll leave. Good talking to you biffle."

Jon walks up and gently kisses me, I can feel Brent's eyes on us. "I'll see you back at the house."

"Mkay, and I'll explain Gabby being here too," I laugh.

"Okay, I love you."

"Love you too, Jon"

"Gabby, this is stupid, c'mon." I groan as I watch Jon leave.

"Okay, just one more thing before we go,"

I let out some horrific shriek as Gabby, full-thottle punches Brent right in the nose. He's cursing so much it could make a mime tell him to shut up. Inside, the adrenaline is pumping through me.

"You don't fuck with my friends and get away with, Seabrook. Come near her again and I swear to god, you'll be sorry. Let's go Ally."

"I'll be down in a second."

The door clicks and I stare at Brent. I felt horrible to what just happened. I walk over and sit on the barstool beside him. I tried to move his hand from his nose, but he pushed me away.

"Brent, I'm a medic in training."

"Fine, my first aid kit is in the closet down the hall."

I get off the stool and go retrieve it. As I get back, I can see the swelling on his nose. I ran my finger over his nose, and it was broken. In one swift motion, I pinched it and cracked it back into place.


"Stop being a baby." I snap, while putting gauze up his nose.

I could feel his eyes on mine as I placed a bandage over the bridge of his nose. It was making my hands start to shake. Dammit, stop this right now ...

"You should be okay, just go see the medic tomorrow and take to motrin tonight. Oh and ice it." I say as throw everything back into the kit.


"I'm sorry ... you didn't deserve that."

"No, I did."

My eyes shoot over to him, "what?"

"I did. I was an ass. I'm sorry."

"just forget about it, I'll see you later."


  1. Awww great update but Seabs deserved it!! I can't wait for more

  2. Seabrook totally got kicked in the ass by a chick! Great update!

  3. wow who knew it would take gabby breaking his nose to make him confess that hes been an asshole to ally the past few mths.

  4. oh gosh! i'd be too scared to hit anyone. good thing he appologized though! great post, love it