Sunday, June 20, 2010

chapter twenty-six;

You've gotta swim, swim for your life. Swim for the music, that saves you. When you're not so sure you'll survive, you gotta swim, and swim when it hurts. The whole world is watching. You haven't come this far to fall off the earth. The currents will pull you, away from your love. Just keep your head above. I found a tidal wave, begging to tear down the dawn. Memories like bullets, they fired at me from a gun. A crack in the armor. I swim to brighter days. Despite the absence of sun. Choking on salt water. I'm not giving in. I swim

Jon's POV;;

*Two weeks later*

I still haven't talked to Ally. I needed to man up and phone her back. But, a part of me was hoping that Gabby told her what I said. I know she was drunk. But, that text. Man, it did something to me. I loved her all along, and for her to admit it, I felt like I had the world in my hands. She was something special.

I headed into practice as Dunc smiles at me. He's been uber friendly to me since the whole ordeal. He just doesn't know Ally and I fought though. He doesn't need to know either.

My skates hit the cool hard ice of the United Centre. I begin to feel alive again. The distinct smell of the rink fills my nose, bringing back old memories I had as a kid, dreaming of being here. Now I am here. The captain of an NHL team. Talk about surreal. I still found myself shaking my head. Life is bittersweet in that way.

I see some of the wives and girlfriends sitting in the stands today. It's not usual, but I shrug it off. I see Brent smile to Helen, his whore of the month. I don't get what he saw in her. Body of an 8 year old, stringy blond hair, her make up didn't match her skin, she tanned too much, and on top of it all, she had no boobs. What? I'm a guy okay. She was nothing like Ally. A wild head of chocolate coloured waves, lightly tanned skin, bright eyes, and a fuller body. She wasn't fat though, she was 5 foot 2 and weighed at least 130 pounds, a size 6. Yeah, she had big boobs too. She was beyond gorgeous. She put the Kardashian's to shame.

"Tazer, dude, quit dreaming of Ally!" Steeger jokes bumping into me.

I shake my head, I realize I was staring out into a bunch of empty seats. Brent sends me a nasty glare, I give him one back. I grab a bucket of pucks and dump them onto the ice. We did our normal drills, worked on face-off's, and stretched out too.

"You put your right foot in, and your left foot out!" Eager sings as he leads the stretch.

I laugh as I get up and go fire more shots on Niemi. I had more faith in him then I did in Huet. I wish I had a say in who gets to play in net, but I don't. I have to lead by example. That was that.

Ally's POV;;

I was leaving today. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to go see him now. Today was the last day of classes before we had a whopping 3 week winter break. I skipped my classes, packed my bags and got my mom to drive me to the airport.

"I are you sure about this?" She says.

"Mom, I really love him ..."

"Well he's a good boy. He treats you right."

I nod as she pulls me into a hug. Butterflies kill my stomach. I was going to be in Chicago in a matter of hours. Dunc was the only one who knew I was coming to visit. I wanted to keep it that way.

I get onto the plane and the normal annoyances were filling my ears. Kids screaming, businessmen bitching. I sigh and pull out my iPhone and blast Jack's Mannequin while I read "The Last Song." My heart began to race as Chicago was getting closer into my sights ...

Jon's POV ;;

After practice, I get out and shower. I throw my jeans and blackhawks shirt on and get ready to leave. The media swarms me yet again. I try my best to get rid of them. But, they won't go away. Some unrealistic curse word comes out of my mouth when I get to my car and realize I left my phone in the locker room.

"She loves you huh?"

I look around and see Brent holding my phone. He was clearly reading my texts. Great.

"Yeah, so what? Last time I checked you were over her."

Brent wickedly smiles and clenches onto my iPhone. "This is exactly what you wanted. Wasn't it, Jon? For someone to hurt her so she believed she needed you to run to."

"It's not like that. Because unlike you, I believed in her, and promised her she'd have someone when everyone walked out."

This time, he rolls his eyes. Think this is funny, do you? "Who are you? Shakespeare?"

"Give me back my fucken phone!" I yell this time, catching the eyes of Sharp and Kaner.

"Naw. Jon, you don't deserve her."

"And what you do?"

"I already had her, and I can get her back just as fast. It's clear she misses me." He scolds as he looks over at Sharp. "That's what Patrick told us."

I glare at Sharp, "What?"

"She was crying that day, over him. But, Seabrook, get the fuck over it. She's done with you now. Plain and simple."

It gets worse. Brent and I start yelling more and more and before I knew it. Punches were being thrown. He pinned me against the wall, making it hard for me to breathe. I knee him right in the stomach. His breath gets caught. I catch my phone before it falls to the floor. Nice save, Toews.

"Don't fuck with me Brent. Now's not the time. You broke Ally's heart and she won't forgive you. If I was you, I'd be wondering how the hell I can live with myself. She's the most amazing girl out there, she's different, and you took advantage of her. Nice fucken job."

I don't take a look back. I storm out to my car and head home. I tried phoning Ally, but she didn't answer. I wonder if something was up, cause Dunc left practice early. I shrug it off and hit the button on the elevator. I search for my keys and open my door to my new penthouse.

Just then, I drop my phone, and my mouth is lying open.



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